Hello I am new to this site. My name is David Bowser I have seen alot of helpful tabs on this site. I've been playing about 5 months and absolutley love guitar. I'm 30 years old (In March) yeah I know I started late. I've had many guitars growing up from the age of about 15-18 but never had the proper books or internet at the time to get me going. Didn't really know any other guitar players either. So over the years I've never been able to learn much more than some Nirvana licks (My Idols as a young man) and other simple licks that everyone knows, smoke on the water, ironman, etc. Hell it was until 5 months ago that I even knew about scales. Well, I know I'm behind (as compared to a young kid) but I think I'm coming along considering I have had no teacher all self taught with the help of utube and guitar sites like this one. Well enough rambling about all that. Just saying HI and if anyone has any advice in general for me pertaining to this site or guitar playing or maybe how to score a supermodel then let me know
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I just wanna wish you fast fingers...

well unfortunately that prolly wont happen, I have arthritis in both my hands, which is partly the reason I wanted to get into playing. It wasn't doctors orders lol but I think it cant hurt much more than it already does. The more I play and learn the more I think I may be a much better rhythm guitarist vs. lead. I dont knopw we'll seeLOL
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Heya welcome.

The Pit is your new best friend

Ahhh! Don't believe him! The Pit will eat you alive!!!

In all seriousness though, Welcome to UG
We're glad to have you here and we hope you have fun while you're here and get the help you're looking for. If you have any questions or need help then feel free to PM me and I'd be happy to help out
And seriously, I'd suggest to watch what goes on in the pit before actually posting in there for your own good. It can be brutal!
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^Or just don't ever go there

Welcome to the forums, but there is a thread at the top for introductions.