Hey ive been playing guitar for maybe 2 months or so, and so far i think im getting pretty good. But now im stuck at trying to properly tremolo pick. Im trying to play Knights of Cydonia by Muse but im having alot of trouble being able to keep a fast steady pace. Sometimes my pick gets "stuck" and i stop. If there is any advice like where to hold the pick, maybe what picks are easier to use and what practice i can do to improve. Thanks,
the only advice is practice, that's the ONLY way to get good at tremolo, the reason your pick gets "stuck" is because your muscles aren't used to the repetition, and lock up
A good way to practise, would be to slowly pick up and down on one string at a steady beat while watching T.V.
I wouldn't bother with tremolo picking yet - to be able to pull it off effectively you already need to be pretty competent and accurate with your picking in general and you're not going to be there at 2 months.
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Like most of us learning - you are trying to hard. You need to relax and hold the pick lighter. The old guitar teacher "as if it is about to fall out of your hand." The play nonsense (or semi-nonsense) while watching TV tip is good -- because once you have a strong strum you can concentrate on your fretboard hand work (some people are left handed - something this forum forgets!) The best way to learn to strum is in the "never stop" method. Miss the strings on a cycle of ups and downs - one up -- one down -- one miss -- one up. Variations like that.
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Trem closer to your bridge where the strings are tighter, it's easier for me.
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Just practice going slow and you will eventually work your way up to speed.
One of the best exercises for picking that I learned over the years...

Fret going in ascending order starting with the low e and continuing down to the high e...fret the first 4 notes using up and down picking. IE: Low e string 1st fret-first finger-downpick, 2nd fret-second finger-uppick, 3rd fret-third finger-downpick, 4th fret-fourth finger-uppick. A string....same order...etc...

When you get down to the high E string...reverse direction and go in descending order...IE: High E string 4th fret-fourth finger-downpick, 3rd fret-third finger-uppick, 2nd fret-second finger, downpick, 1st fret-first finger-uppick...B string...same order...etc..

Keep doing that with **accuracy**. Correctly fret the note so there's no buzzing...go slow at first..don't go faster than you can pick or fret. It'll take a while or practicing...but trust me...it will really help in the future when you're pulling off amazing leads with a lot of picking.

Just take your time! Good luck!
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if your are using too thin of picks like .50mm you might want to try to a thicker pick for tremolo picking. for me i use 1.0 mm cause it helps me to play faster and i built my muscles in my right hand so it doesnt effect my strumming when im not picking the guitar up. it actually helps fatten up my powerchords like lots.
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