This is my band playing our version of are you gonna be my girl. We added in a improvised guitar and drum solo at the end though instead of that weird interlude thats in the normal jet version. This was one of the first songs we learned when we were learning how to play our instruments and it was kind of a joke that i would just keep going on the solo till they got mad at me. There are a few alcohol induced sloppy parts but overall i think it was alright. Let me know what you guys think.

Not bad, vocals are energetic and delivered well but could still use a little work (sounds like you strain a little bit.) The bass and the drums are pretty good. The guitar is also decent, but the solo seems a little boring... ...sounds like your staying in the same scale/box. Still not bad, looked like ya'll had a good time and thats what matters.
yeah that looked like a hella lotta fun

but yeha i agree^
change up the solo for sure. Work on the voice a little. Otherwise that was pretty tight. Nice job guys!

P.S. Ditch the wah on the solo or only use it for half of it. Too easy to overdo the wah pedal..
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Pretty good, solo was really not that great, overall alright, but anyone who plays guitar can tell how easily that could of been done, hell I could improv. better then that, I can see though it easily impressed everyone lol.
thanks for the comments guys. for that song ive been relying on effects as opposed to different scales to change up the solo but still keep it a simple rock and roll solo. started with wah, then plain distortion, then whammy up a 5th, then down a 4th, then a rotary effect into the drum solo (just because it was what was saved in memory when i hit the effect switch on my valvetronix haha). it never sounds right to me when i use anything other than A minor blues for that progression. Ive been meaning to try following the chords a little more since its pretty slow but i always forget haha. you guys are right though that show was easily the most fun ive ever had playing guitar.