The Nightwatchman is Tom Morrello's solo project. It's Acoustic/folk sounding. I like it. Who likes them? Whats you favorite song? Discuss
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i watched a couple of his song's on youtube, i liked them. it shows how diverse he can be, and the guitar work is great. he just needs work on his singing though
Just listened to Road I Must Travel and I love it. Thanks for sharing this =]
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I love it, road i must travel FTW
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yeah hes great, really powerful lyrics One Man Revolution is a great album
i never post anything here...but i have to say, when i heard that album i actually thught it was terrible...really terrible ....it made me feel bad...tom morrello is such a talented and innovative musician...u kick ass Tom....but leave the folk music to dylan
i like serj tankian better from the axis of justice supergroup which includes serj tankian from system of a down, tom morello, flea, Brad Wilk and Chris Cornell from Audioslave, Pete Yorn, Tim Walker, Maynard James Keenan of Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer, and Wayne Kramer among others. I like anybody there but mostly serj. But from tom morello i like chimes of freedom and the union song which he also played at the wga rally
I have to say that i don't like his vocals that much, but the lyrics more than make up for it.