Alrighty, I tried this in Modern Rock it and got completely ignored . . . let's try it here.

Anybody here listen to Kaddisfly? I just got their Set Sail the Prairie album and I'm absolutely in love with it. I love the guitar playing and Christopher's voice. He's written some great lyrics, too. I also love the "traveling the world" concept and the diary entries written in the liner notes. My only complaint is that the piano is only audible on like, two or three songs.

Who here likes them?
Kaddisfly ****ing rules. Have you heard their b-side Flowers? It's pretty freakin rad.

I bought their cd Did You Know People Can Fly 4 or 5 years ago and I ended up selling it to some guy for a hundy, so Kaddisfly holds a special place in my heart for making great music and making me scrilla.

And Kaddisfly definitely doesn't fit under pop-punk or emo.
I saw them a year ago at Take Action (I went with my friends) and thought they were amazing. The other people in the crowd didn't seem to get thier music though. They sold both of thier cd's for $10 and I still regret not buying them
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I've had their latest disc for a while (since it came out), but haven't gotten around to really listening to it yet. Maybe I will today.
I have the Set Sail The Prairie album for quite a while and it is amazing!
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