how much would it cost me to get 2 pickups installed onto my epiphone les paul and get the nut changed to a bone or graphite one and i guess get it set up

so far ive heard prices like 200
and like 140 (but not sure if the GC guy meant without a setup)

if anyone can suggest a bettter place i live in NYC
It's not that hard to do that stuff yourself. Buy one of Dan Erlewine's books and a soldering iron. Changing pickups is very simple and you'll save yourself some money and know how to do it.
all im gonna say is its harder than it seems to solder in such small confined areas. i put seymor duncan antiquity humbuckers into my les paul and nearly f'd it up by almost crossing some wires and shorting all my electronics. i took it in and a professional fixed the soldering and set up me guitar for 80. so i got lucky and got a deal
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$100 for all that including setup, not including parts... or gratuity.

But that's me, and I'm nowhere near NY.

Prices subject to change.
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