Hey guys!

I once read a story about Steve Vai (can't remember where) and his teacher (not Joe Satriani at that time). His teacher wanted him to compose a song EVERY day.
No matter how crap it was, or how short. I was thinking about doing this too, but is this actually a good idea?

Isn't the rule Quality > Quantity? Or can you learn from bad compositions?

This idea is for all instruments, I am going to apply it to piano, or sometimes the classical guitar.
Anyway, what does UG think of this idea?
I didn't realize Vai did that, but I write maybe 2 or 3 short ones a day. Usually more along the lines of just a part of a song or a couple. Like a verse and then tinker with it into a chorus.

I've gotten some decent ideas just mucking around with fast little compositions like that and just opening up old ones and comparing them to the new ones, I can kind of see a definite change.

It isn't the same level that a song you spend as much time as it needs on would be, but I think it is a good exercise.
I think that's a brilliant idea. Try applying any new techniques you learn to your compositions. you'll learn from each one you make, and when you go back and look at them all after a month or so, you might think "Hey, that sounds pretty cool" for a least a couple, and then take that idea and turn it into something better.

I think I'll start doing that :P
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Cool.I'll try that.A song a day,with different genres every week.
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Maybe I will try it when in the holidays, for example: I learned the major scale and all its modes, but I need to apply them. So on Day 1 I could write a short compo in Ionian, on Day 2 one in Dorian, etc.