Hey everyone, I'm thinking about getting a new guitar in the next year or two, and i really like les pauls. right now i have an epi les paul studio. budget would probably be around 1 grand, give or take a few hundred. I love a good clean tone, crunchy (and sometimes slipppery) distortion, and a fat neck. I don't like cosmetics such as fancing bindings, gold hardware, and crazy sunburst finishes. I also like grover tunes and speed knobs, but those might not be too hard to add after i buy it. i've looked at gibsons, but i'm not sure if the lower end guitars are good, and then i've looked at esp's, but some have a weird plastic nut and obscure tuner/bridge companies. Any help?

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if your not bothered about fancy bits, your epi will be fine, especially through a grands worth of amp
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That 'weird plastic nut' would be the Earvana nut, which basically > all other nuts.

Even testicles.

And I'm gonna say new amp again.
Ok so how about he's talking about a guitar..... not a new amp. Some people need to read the topic and answet the question instead of telling everyone what's wrong with what they have.

Look at Fernandes and ESP/LTD. They both have great guitars.
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I've been very impressed with my Vintage Mahogany, had it for two years now and never an issue. The ESP/LTD's weigh a bit less and have much different neck profiles. I prefer the ones with the Seymour Duncan's as opposed to the ones with the EMG's (but it's all subjective anyway). Personally, I went with the Gibson on account of the fact that I wanted a guitar that would really capture the Les Paul sound and the ESP/LTD (though it did many things very well) could not provide it.
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Used LP studio, a BFG if you don't mind the looks, epi elitist w/new pickups, etc. Whatever you get, buy it used.
ESP and LDT, like Kendall said, don't sound like LPs.

Of course, you probably won't notice much difference between a new guitar and your epi through that amp, so I do suggest you get a better amp.
Check out rondomusic.com. Might want to check out an Agile guitar - they approach and sometimes exceed Gibson quality for about $300 to $500. Use the rest to save up for a new amp (in my experience, you can ALWAYS save up for a new amp).
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I wouldn't go with a Les Paul Studio...
In my opinion, that thing is just good for the name.

I'd go with something like an ESP or LTD.
Then there's always the Traditions. For a thousand, you can buy an S-2000. Mine's an S-20, and it outplays any Gibson LP I've ever played (and I've played some NICE LPs.)
I don't know very much about Fernandes guitars, other than the fact that they look nice and that Dave Kushner of Velvet Revolver plays some. =/

Check out some of those. I can give you Tradition's website to check out some of their models if you like. Hope this helped.