My beard itches all the time too. It comes with owning something as awesome as a beard. Usually its cause you get dry skin. Buy some lotion or something and rub it in, helps me. Especially in the winter.
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pics or you dont have one...

im in my 20s and i can only grow a chin strap and a crappy lil mustache.. my dad says he still cant grow sideburns (damn genetics)

but yeah my chin strap does know the itch.... as of last week ive been shavin everyday to try and promote growth.. ive got razor burn on my chin from the other day when i tried to use some crappy safety razors my mum bought me. god it burns
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Im afraid you have AIDS...
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lololololol that was epic andyd93. you just made my day

it happens. i useually just condition and shampoo my beard along with my hair so its less rough and itchy
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Im afraid you have AIDS...

He's right. Bad luck kiddo.
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Seriously wtf was that?
A beard is both a blessing and a curse. With great power comes great responsibility.
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use shampoo in it?
i dunno, i havent grown aa beard, and think it unlikely to happen soon although i shave everyday, i just think it makes my face feel cleaner or something.
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A beard is both a blessing and a curse. With great power comes great responsibility.

i lol'ed at this
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Is it possible to get dandruff of the chin?

That'd be pretty cool. I'm pretty sure *ahem* my friend *ahem* had scrotal dandruff once. Sucks to be *ahem* him... Yeah... Him.
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Don't worry about it.
I grew a beard last summer and when it strated getting a bit long it itchs.
So now I always have stubble.
I hate shaving.
The good times are killing me.

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yeah, sometimes. Depends on what mood i'm in regarding facial hair.

Sometimes I can't stand it after 2 days.
Till yesterday I managed to go 2 weeks without shaving for once O_o
wait a few more days and it won't itch anymore
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Your chin itches when your facial hair grow?

Sucks to be you, guys
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Don't worry bout the beard itching. Back in my beardy days (before the full time job set in and took it's toll) I remember it itched when it was growing. Just give it time, persevere and soon you will have a better beard than them all. Now go forth and be the best damn beard you can my boy.
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