Here we go:

Intro: Good stuff, although just maybe a bit much tom usage on the drums? Anyways, it's nice and brutal, so props to you on that one. The half time feel that comes next is excellent as well.

Verse: It's probably just a guitar pro thing, but the the last four sixteenth notes in the fourth bars seem a bit jammed. Everything else with the verse is great though, it would work well with vocals.

Pre-Chorus: Fitting - not much else to be said.

Chorus: Probably the weakest part of the song. It sounds a bit too - well, happy isn't the right word, but it kinda doesn't fit. But at the same time it does. Ah, well. The bass was also too muddy here.

Verse 2: Good, good. Although at the end the whole key-change arpeggio was getting a bit old. A bit of variation at the end, perhaps?

Bridges: The transition from the chorus was kind of sudden. But the bridges themselves were great, especially Bridge 2, even if the mini-solo-esque thing was kind of short.

Final Chorus: Completes the circle.

All said and done, the bass really seems to be dragging this one down; odd, because I loved the bass on your last one.

A good 8.5/10.

Crit mine, if you would be so kind?
It was nicely structured. The first verse became a little repetive with the same chord going on over and over again. I really liked the second verse though, nice and melodic there. The solo was okay, not too complex, but sounded good.

Overall quite good work.
i think the song was pretty well structured. the only thing though is that it flowed nicely until the chorus, it seemed like the transition was a little awkward and sudden, but it was a good chorus, it just needed a better transition into it. i really liked the part where the instruments dropped out leaving the piano(?). that was cool. overall it was a pretty good song. it would be cool to hear it with real instruments!!
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The chorus sounded a bit too upbeat I think. It might just be the dissonance chords.