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It sounds great. Effects with no loss of tube tone.
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No way! The digital **** ruins the vibe!
2 100%
Voters: 2.
I'm wondering if a multi effects unit (no amp modelling) such as the Boss me-50 would sound good with these sorts of tube amps. I'm reading conflicting reports.

For example-

Now, where do I start...I'm overdriving my VC30 with the Tubescreamer setting on my Boss ME-50 with the gain all the way down, level just past 12 o clock, master volume on 12 o clock. There's the background. Time for the sounds it gives - Oh. My. God. This just blew me away, i could just sit there and play an E powerchord for eternity. The tone is just wow.


recently i bought a laney vc30 212 which is alot better amp and i am alot more satisfied with the tones. BUT i do need and have to use the built in effects on the tonelab though i no longer use the amp models. Why does my good laney tone dissapear when i use the tone lab even when im not using any of the effects or the models.

so, what say you?
I would not use it in the effects-loop since some of the harmonics from the preamp-tubes could get lost in the ADDA-conversion. Between the guitar and amp could work though. I am using a digital delay (EHX SMMH) between my guitar and VC30 and I can't hear any tone loss.