hey guyz!!!! wuts up???????
I opened this thread cause I'm thinking of buying an Epiphone LP... I just dunno which 1 to buy... Just starting playing with a band called "The Blizzard" and I need a gd Les Paul for punk... which 1 suits me the most???? And whats the different between standard and ultra???? I just tried the ultra one and it sounds exactly the same with a standard Gibson!!!!!!!!

Thx guyz for ur help!!!!

rock out!!!!!!!!

have you guys heard about the ultra 2?
it has like another pickup mounted on the last fret for a better sound.
like for harmonics nd ****.

i wanna buy it.

....p.s. get standard lol
The Ultra is chambered, so it's lighter. Which is good. The Ultra II doesn't have another pickup for harmonics. It's an acoustic pickup mounted on the last fret, so you can get an acoustic/hybrid tone.
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You mean pinch harmonics? You can do those with the ordinary pups too
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