Hey guys! i'm having trouble finding the tabs for a song called "FUTURE IN MY HANDS" its on the "Devil may cry" anime soundtrack... the song its actually pretty awesome but i guess no one has either listened to it or just hasnt taken the time to tab it out... could someone help me? btw i still havent figured out who the artist is I saw "Aimee B" on one site but i'm still not "sure" ya know please if anyone can help check my profile for all my contact info
and thanks anyways if no one finds anything
Zack Canfield
yeah actually i just found out that the name of the band that i guess plays the song is "Rungran"... WTF! has anyone even heard of these guys? well anyways you can find the song by goin to youtube and searching "FUTURE IN MY HANDS" i'm gonna try my best to tab or note it out for poeple cuz it really is a cool song
Zack Canfield
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