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... fagtastic to steal the tattoo of a famous person?


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hehe... "fagtastic"... hehe

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No. And ... what?

There is a huge tattoo craze at the moment where people get either these little green (or blue) birds, or stars on their wrists/shoulders/back.

depends on the tattoo.

EDIT: also depends on said famous person. who is it?
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very fagtastic, looks like it is on him too
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yeah, that would be weird.
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dude calebrocker, that first song on your list almost made me cry
you win my good sir

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... fagtastic to steal the tattoo of a famous person?

Not if it is the one that Steve-O has, but the one you posted is fagtastic, sorry

EDIT: DAMN YOU 666 POUNDER for eating my brains!!!
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Trevor kicks ass, his tattoo rules.
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yeah man, its super gay.

tattoo's are PERMANENT. it doesnt quite sink in until you are inked. I totally love mine, but there was a moment of "oh **** what did i do..." a few days later.