Hopefully this is the right place, i need to know what i would need for putting synths and such into my songs, im not worried about software but more hardware. Will i need to buy a keyboard? Will i need to buy something similar? because programs such as reason tell me i need a keyboard. If so what are some good things i could buy, i wouldn't use it alot so i dont want expensive gear. I only need it for recording
if you want a synth as in a synthesizer then you have to buy a synth and then you can just put it into an amp.
If your talking MIDI/VST then a decent MIDI controller/keyboard wont set you back too much. A lot of cheaper keyboards have MIDI capabilities already and can be connected via USB etc.

I dont use Reason extensively myself but i thought you could program notes, maybe i was wrong.
they are expensive. I use guitar pro, its midi, but you get the idea. theres an example on my profile

EDIT: Scrap that, go with what he said^^
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The synth sounds on Guitar Pro suck.

You can download software synths for free. You don't even have to buy a MIDI keyboards, you can program the notes in. All you need is some software that can host VSTis (the format most softsynths come in). Reaper can, and it's free.

If you want an actualy keyboard synth, you can buy them, but they arn't cheap.


Here are some.