Hay, I already mentioned this in a other thread, but I wasn't really asking it at the right place.

so here again.
i'm desperately looking for tabs (guitar) of the GazettE
my computer just cant work with power or pro tabs. (Apple -mac.intosh)
and I tried to learn some on Youtube.. and that dind't work eather...
I only found tabs of the songs I dind't needed xD
i'm looking for songs from the albums: Stacked Rubbish and NIL

I've tried like everything.
does someone have a solution?
or maybe tabs on paper (on the computer) and send them to me?
or in this thread.. please, every bit helps
Kitto onaji koto wo kurikaesh.ite anata wo
aah i'm sorry, i only have them for GP, maybe a friend of mine has them for you. He works with a mac too.