Looking for feedback on using Live7 as a stand-alone DAW.

I currently run logic 6 gold on my 7 year old mac, but I recently upgraded to a new machine running the new osx10.5, which won't run the old logic.

My first thought was to buy the latest logic upgrade, but I've been reading some negative reviews suggesting that apple has stripped down the functionality of the new version and that logic could now be going the way of a "garageband pro" type of app. Makes me double-think doing a knee-jerk upgrade to logic8.

So now I'm considering alternatives. I'm curious about Live7 b/c the live set control features that it inherently brings are a plus. But how does it run as a stand-alone DAW?

Logic was just about perfect for what I wanted in a recording/sequencing program, but occasionally left me wishing for more functionality as far as integrating with jam sessions and on-the-fly songwriting (hence my interest in live).

With an academic discount, full version live or protools go for only slightly more than a logic upgrade, so I think it makes sense cash-wise too.
Personally I don't think you will be disappointed with Logic 8. Most of the guys I know who made the upgrade from 7 have been very pleased with the new functionality and almost none have complained about a decrease in power. So thats my bid, especially since you are already accustomed to the Logic workflow.
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