mine is:
middle 10
bass 10
(and i use a stomp box for overdrive)

just wondering...
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Viscara (my band)

Except that sounds like crap...
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Amp, Pedals:
Laney LV300
Amp settings? I use a Vibro Champ like this:

VOL: Wherever I need it





Then, I EQ my Metal Muff to:

TREBLE: 3/4 the way up

MID: All the way up

BASS: All the way up

DIST: Anywhere from 1/4 of the way up to 1/2 the way up.
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For distortion:
Amp model - UK Modern
Gain - 10
Treble - about 1-2
Mid - 8-10
Bass - 7-9

For clean:
Amp model - Boutique Clean
Gain - 3-4 (to get some volume)
Treble - 6
Mid - 5
Bass - 6
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SD-1 - LEvel = 2 o'clock Drive = all the way down, and tone at 3 o clock

Amp = gain 9, Mids at roughly 6, Bass at 7.5ish, and treble 7.5ish

iron madien tone ftw...
Treble- 10
Gain -9
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gain- 5ish
bass -7ish
mid- 6ish
treble- 8 ish
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