Yeah I know this is a total noobish question but does holding the pick on the side of your index increase speed? I hold in with my thumb and tip of my index, is this a bad habit?
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I prefer the thumb and side of the index finger approach, but I wouldn't say it improves speed.

If it would help with one thing, it would be accuracy.

There isn't an ultimate answer in this though; look at Steve Morse and Marty Friedman for instance. Both have a unique approach to picking and yet they're both very proficient players.
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do whatever is comfortable for you. the only thing that really effects speed in this regard is how much of your pick makes contact with the string. (from my experience)
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itsa comfort, that is a very popular way of doing it but i do what you do, its slower in some ways but when i play fast i just increase the angle to make up for it
i hold it with my thumb and the side of my index finger but thats just me. i like it for pinch harmonics and speed picking