Hey guys, anyone know where to get some good jam tracks? Now dont say guitarbt.com. I dont want backing tracks to songs. I want a jam track. Also, does anyone still have the greg howe play for me backing track? Thanks. Any style jam track is appreciated. Also, anyone know where the "Centrifugal Funk" backing track is? Thanks!
It would be nice to find something other then guitarbt

But I highly doubt there is anything else
GuitarBT does have jam track don't they?
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Are there any stand alone studio application that works like this? Like Garageband but for Windows or something.

Riffworks from Sonoma Wire Works is pretty amazing. You make your own jam tracks using their incredibly easy interface. You can buy additional drum loops online too, the drum tracks are what makes this product stand out. That and the fact you get a pretty awesome arsenal of guitar effects!