I bought a squier by fender about fifteen minuets ago...with an amp, bag, picks, the actual gee-tar and a dvd and strap and other goodies.

I just starting playing acoustic about a month ago with a rented guitar from my school.

Is this a good starter guitar...and was it worth 200?
Yes it is a really good deal that was my starter guitar definitely worth 200 i bought it for 250
its a good starter guitar but it sucks for everything else, 200 is about right i have a friend who got one of those. i completely hate it but its good for beginners...
alright thanks for the talk cause i was in a hurry to get something. I wanted a epiphone les paul but they were on back order till AUGUST
When you can outplay the guitar - get a new one. They aren't bad for the price - but I would have prefered to pay a little bit more and got a Cort or an entry level Ibanez, but as we say here "you've done you money now!"
Stop showing off and play the music!