Here it is. Which do you think would (or does) sound better.

Acoustic electric guitar with built in electronics from manufacturer
Acoustic guitar with seperate pickups added.
depends on the pickups

if you get a martin/taylor with a built in fishman, you win already

otherwise, just put a fishman in
like the person above said... it depends what electronics are built in and what you're adding. Fishman and LR Braggs are really good. I personally like fishman more than Braggs. I also hear that the Takamine electronics are quite good.
as soon as i quit slacking and order mine ill write the review on the electronics thread. i will say that from my own personall experience that a under saddle pickup is a totally different sound to an underbridge transducer and the k&k is an under bridge passive system i am gonna order it as soon as my wife gets home i have made up my mind.
what about dean markley or the seymour duncan woody pickups?

and do they make unplugged acoustics with cutaways?
i've heard that the dean markley soundhole pickups are good, but not amazing for clarity(they're magnetic, so they wont be that clear anyway) of sound. so for general use they should be decent though.

and yes, they do make pure acoustic guitars without electronics and with cutaways. what would make you think otherwise? haha. i actually used to love the look of cutaways on an acoustic, but now that i've matured a bit more, i find that the non-cutaway is for me. it's clean, plain, and simple. just the way it should be.
Depends on the price range and the maufacturer. Basically, if its a cheap guitar it will more than likely have cheap electronics, if its an expensive guitar it should have good quality electronics.

and do they make unplugged acoustics with cutaways?

Yes, but theyre not as common.