You should be ok, It may be a little slack, but not that bad.
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I play with 11's and I find there quite loose in drop C, but then again I seem to like 'em real tight.
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you should get some higher gauge

it would be ok, (like it wouldn't break your guitar), but it would sound and play better with higher gauges
I play in Drop C with my .09's a lot. You'll be fine. I've gone as low as Drop A#
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Yeah maybe 10-52's or even 10-60's would be the best for that IMO, but I like tight tension and I usually use the GHS ZW Boomers 10-60's for drop C on my 6.
i play on .10s in drop C all the time

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If I were to keep a guitar in drop C all the time I'd probably go for 10s with a bigger low C, something like a 50 or 52.
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I play in Drop C with my .09's a lot. You'll be fine. I've gone as low as Drop A#

haha :p