On a POD or Toneport, can you hear how a guitar's pickups will sound? What I mean is, can you hear the differences between different pickups, or is that too subtle to notice? I'm asking, to know if it's worth investing in better pickups (passive, not active) for my guitar while using a POD or Toneport, since I live in an apartment and probably 95% of the time I play would have to be through headphones.

I suggest the POD for playing but if you want to record stay away from the Toneport (if you are running vista...) as teh drivers are crashing a ton still...
I also found GB to be a letdown compared to the reviews, I just could not find a great sound anywhere in the program.

If you have fair pickups you will notice a change in tone if you switch between them. If you hear it on your amp now, you will on any POD type device.
I have some cheap pickups on my guitar (PRS SE) but it still sounds fair and I hear a ton of difference between the 3 pickups.
Im by far not expierienced (disclaimer) but I brought my pocket pod on a trip at my friends and hooked his strat copy in with 3 single coils. I could tell a big difference from my Ibanezs passive humbuckers for sure.
I think if you went from like singles to humbuckers you would notice. Otherwise I don't think if you like upgrade from humbuckers to better humbuckers there would be a difference that was worth the money.
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ive been through lots of guitars and pickups and I find you can tell a difference, with good speakers you will..if youve got dodgy speakers, it wont matter, but I can definately tell
I agree, gearbox itself doesn't sound too great, however, add a good OD or EQ pedal to it and it REALLY tightens up the sound. I have a few clips in my profile of what the OD/EQ will do, the clips are the ones labeled "pedal test." Also, the entire song "Deliverance" was recorded with the TonePort and OD, guitars and drums are a bit off at some parts, but you get the point.

And to answer your question, yes I can tell a big difference in the sound of my pickups in my different guitars and after I changed the ones in my Strat in the TonePort.
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OK, that's very good news!

I've been planning on upgrading my pickups for a long time, and now that I can finally do it, I'm living in an apartment where I will have to play through something like a POD or toneport. I wasn't sure if pickups would really be noticed because of the digital modelling, but from your replies it seems like the qualities of the pups will shine through. So I'm happy for that. Thanks.