So I've had my schecter hellraiser avenger model for awhile now. Seeing as it's the guitar I use for metal, I've found myself desiring a tremolo system on it, and of course I've been thinking floyd rose. I've never installed a tremolo though, I'll have my friend help me, but he's never installed a floyd rose either so I don't know how good that'll do me :P. Anyways, any tips on how to install a floyd rose locking tremolo system would be helpful, oh and also I wanna be sure it'd even fit on my guitar first. Heres the picture, and yes it is factory specs atm. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Schecter-Hellraiser-Avenger-Electric-Guitar-513844-i1177854.gc
I'm pretty sure it will, but if anyone thinks otherwise, please do tell me. I'm not sure if the knobs will get in the way.. Anyways, any help is appreciated. Thnx!
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To fit a floyd rouse you are going to have to do some major routing to the body to install it. If you sy you've never fitted a trem I'm gonna assume you wouldn't be able to do that.. So you have 3 options..

1. Forget about having a tremelo and just play it how it is..
2. Sell your guitar and buy a new one that has a floyd rose trem already on it.. or
3. Pay a luthier craploads of money to put a FR on your guitar, remember you'll NEVER make your money back on it if you decide to sell it and you'll end up paying more $$ to get it installed than it would cost to just sell your guitar and buy a better one with a trem on it already..

Should answer your question.