Hey everyone. This is decent length jam me and my friends did. We all switch up instruments, so this is: Me on bass guitar, my friend Allen on drums, my step cousin Caton on lead guitar, and my friend Mark on rhythm guitar.

It's pretty much all improvised. We open with a song and go into a Grateful Dead song in the middle. Please listen and tell me what you think!

Thanks for the crit.
I'm having trouble loading the song, don't know why.
Maybe it's because I have dialup.
Anyways, I guess this serves as a bump for you.
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That was quite a Long Jam . You're all rather good at playing each other's instruments, so kudos to that. This song flowed rather well with itself. In other words, everything was seamless, which I think is an important aspect of a jam. Good work!
The trouble loading is probably because it's really long. I'll post up a short excerpt from it that we're going to enter into our school's battle of the bands.