Hi everyone,

I am really happy I found this site. I had played back in High School, and set the guitar down for almost 30 years. I picked it back up four weeks ago, and cant' believe I remember how to play (well sorta, not like I use to ..). I am really interested in improving my finger picking skills. does anyone have any recommendations, or drill that would help me pick up my speed. I'm currently practicing Dire Straights "Money for nothing", and just can't get the rythum down. Thanks for a great site.

did you buy a new guitar or did you use your old (no less than 30 years old) guitar

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Look into some more classical based influences, sounds strange but Beethoven Berlioz and Vivaldi have done more to my guitar playing than anything else, especially fingerpicking wise
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No, unfortunately that guitar disappeared. I joined the Army, and when I came home (13 Years later), everything was gone. It was a Les Paul I think, but really can't remember. It was electric and all wood, that's about everything I remember. So I went the local music store here and bought one.

It was funny, I had forgotten how the strings hurt at first, but now my fingers are about half way. Still have alittle feeling in the tips .