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I just learned the solo fairly recently.

Keep in mind that I did this in ONE TAKE and recorded using SOUND RECORDER. I didn't wanna bother using my actual mixing software (I have MAGIX Music Maker 10) because I knew I'd f*** it up in the end. Haha.

Basically I just wanted to show my friends that yes, I can sorta play guitar. I fooled most of them already...

For one take and sound recorder, what do you think?
i say practice until you can play it decent first
THEN record it ****tily
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Definitely work on it... the backing guitars could use some work too imo.

Slow it down, and work up from there...
Mostly you are hitting the right notes, just not the right way . I would work on your timing, try slowing the whole thing down first and analysing the structure of the solo.

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Umm it's a start but it could use some work in all areas.


the tone was really... -_-;

it was also very sloppy
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get a cheap marshall... my MG15DFX has a button that simulates the sound of one of the expensive tube marshall amps.
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the tone was really... -_-;

it was also very sloppy

I still stress the one take and sound recorder thing...

I assumed that you'd all take into consideration that I plugged in directly from my pedal to my sound card, rather than using a mixer or extra eq.

Thanks for the tips though!