I've seen other threads on this but I searched "Ice breakers" and "breaking the ice" and didn't find anything. If someone can link to one of them, I'll happily delete this thread.

Post good icebreakers... no shit like "suck my penis LOLLLLLLLL". If you post that, just know you're very fucking unoriginal.

The only one I have is "What's a 2000 pound polar bear good for? Breaking the ice."
Just comment on the surroundings...It's so wierd just walking up with a stupid joke like the one you posted...
Although due to climate change, icebergs have become scarce and polar bears have been found dead due to drowning and exhaustion. Poor polar bears.....

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Hey wanna go out for some pizza and some sex?


whats the matter? dont you like pizza?

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

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Gets the job done.

we're all smart-asses, arent we?
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I normally just use "Hi, I'm Rory" that seems to work alright after a few drinks.
What's a 2000 pound elephant good for? Breaking the ice.

What's a 2000 pound turkey good for? Breaking the ice."

What's a 2000 pound dingo good for? Breaking the ice."

What's a 2000 pound ladybug good for? Breaking the ice."

il buy u a drank ooweeooohh shorty wutchu thank about that?

sounded good on the radio... jk