Ok, so this is sort of a jam song of mine, and of course this version that i recorded isn't the best, but I still really like it. Only way I can think to describe it as of now, is a bit of Morello, Mississippi McDowell, and a tad of Umph's.

It's on my myspace at www.myspace.com/alexsilverman

Edit: Now on my UG Profile too.
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wow dude way to think innovative. nice plan.
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that would be awesome if you saw it all the way through, good imagination

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Thank you very much for the crit, but I posted in my main post that I can't load myspace,
Some mysterious reason, a problem with my comp.
Anyways, hopefully this "bump" will get people's attention so you'll get some crits!
Sorry that I can't comment any on it, I kind of wanted to hear it.
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thanks for the crit. I really like the main riff. the soloing is a bit off with timing and hitting the right notes. I really like the part that starts at 2:00 though. It's very smooth and cool sounding. Well done.