Alright, here's the deal. My birthday is coming up pretty soon and since I usually get around 100-150 USD, I was thinking of switching over from Sprint to Helio and buying myself a nice little Ocean. The thing is that I just found this website and they say that they're the "leading seller of Helio phones and products" and sh*t. They sell the Ocean for like 50 bucks cheaper than the actual Helio website but the phone plans cost the same. So, my question is that if I should trust this website and get the phone, plan, ect. from there. Also, if the website is for real, you think that it'll somehow cause customer service problems with the actual Helio company if I have any problems with the phone. I really don't feel like being ripped off so I would like to get some second opinions on this. Here's the link -

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just abit sketchy
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HOLY S**T! There is a switch hahahahahha. Thanks Red Wing. Now you're probably going to quote me for being so retarded