over the past months, ive gotten quite a bit of money(from christmas and my bday) and im wondering how much would it cost to get a recording software and a mic plus other stuff for recording?

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^ check riffs and recording or shoot me an message and i'll help you out. i do recording at my apt and the cost was fairly minimal to get started.
Pick up a multitrack recorder, reel to reel machines are a lot of fun, and then a small mixer. You're all set.
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Or, if you wanna take the Digital approach, use these:


Guitar Tracks Pro


Samson G-Track USB Condensor Mic

I use both of these, and I love 'em both. There may be better around, but the music up in my profile was all done with the two of these. If there is better for cheaper, then go for it, but this is what I use and it works out great for me.
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