ok. so i have a IBANEZ GAX1B50 and its fair **** lol. i was wondering is it worth getting a ESP LTD B-50 or a Yamaha RBX270 or getting the next Ibanez up(nice & cheap second hand). My band Plays in drop C and My bass sounds terrible and the action is ****ed so its out of tune along the neck. whats your suggestion. should i get a slightly better bass or just pay for a tech to set my bass up for drop c properly etc. (keep in mind i'd do this with a new bass if i got one.) what do u think? save the cash and just get it set up for drop c or get a new bass? it be willing to pay up to 500 aus or maybe a bit more.

edit: i was also thinking about getting a Peavey Millenium but there around 700 dollars and hard to find.
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ESP LTD B50s sound pretty sweet in Drop C specially once there set up.
I know over here there 500 NZ $
But out of the two id say the B50
Both those basses would be marginally better than your current bass.

I'd say save up and get something like a Schecter Stiletto Custom or at least a Spector Performer bass.

To remedy your situation now, I'd get a pro to set it up w/ heavier strings.

Also, what kind of amp do you have?
Schecter rulz!!!!!!!1111!!!11!!1!10ne1!!

But really you should go and try them out.It'd be much better for you in the long run.
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