So...first act's wal-mart guitar + $40 shopping spree here...good idea? What do you think I(my rhythm guitarist, actually) would end up with?
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Crap. First Acts are horrible.
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the walmart first act is made of crap wood. i say save up and get a 300 dollar something other than a first act.

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I actually don't mind my first act acoustic. It sounds better than most of the ~$350 guitars at the local guitar store.
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If you're really desparate get a used squier or something.

Not desperate...bored.

They feel bad, then?
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Not desperate...bored.

They feel bad, then?

They're pretty bad. Go get some no name guitar if you're going to do that. Sammick and Ashland come to mind. A Squier wouldn't be too bad either.
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