hey i was wondering if their is a programme similar to guitar pro but instead shows the keys on a piano, could you please provide a link as well as to where i could obtain this
Sibellius might be able to do that, but really if you want to play piano you need to learn how to read standard notation.
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you can do that on guitar pro...

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Guitar Pro shows the keys on a staff.

I really hope you can read those.
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how do you expect that to work? you could just use the sheet music off of Guitar Pro

there is a pop up keyboard on GP, i'm not totally sure what its functions are.
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IF what you mean is too have 2 staves in both cleves (sp?) in order to play both bass notes and melody with the piano....just pick up two instruments in Guitar Pro, one with standard tuning and the other one with bass tuning (or even lower if you need lower notes, etc..)....
It will be difficult to play once you print it I think, cause you need to print pages for the melody AND for the bass notes....but if all you wanted was to hear how it is, then it will be fine...