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Yeah, just curious what UG will say

I go to bed around 1:00 on school nights.
It depends really, last night I didn't get to sleep until 5am, my average is around 2am though.
I draw the line at 1:00...
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1030 to 1
hopefully sometime in there
umm well sleep i dont know but im usually on the phone with my friend till about 12 ish mostly, sometimes 1 on good nights =D love that girl to death ahah
i usually fall asleep right after getting off the phone so 12 ish i guess. if im not on the phone, ill try for 11
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meh....around 11:30-12. Since I drive to school I have to wake myself up, and I'm awful at waking up early by myself. Otherwise it would probably be later
9-10 usually. Unless I'm talking to this girl I'm sorta into, then it's 10:30-11.
Anywhere between 11pm and 1am. Since I usually have morning classes or work I try not to stay up too late.
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usually not before one. night is when i do most of my guitaring
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uhm....what is this sleep u speak of? i have insomnia, i rarely sleep.
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I try to go between 12 and 1. Many nights I find myself still awake by 2 though.
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5:00 am every night.

Because I don't have a life...

And because I just can't sleep before that :/ .
I only have class 2 days a week, so about 12, 12:30 on those nights. The rest of the week just whenever i get sleepy lol
usually around 1 or 2, but if I'm bored out of my mind (once or twice a week) I'll go to bed at like 10.
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my new years resolution was to go to sleep before 4am every night.
i didn't even try to keep it.

i go to bed at 6am because thats when the rents get up
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honestly guys, saying you go to bed at 2am on a school night doesnt make you sound very badass. just throwing that out there.

its usually 11 for me, but APPARENTLY thats "early" around here.
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Well Tues/Thurs are the only days I have to be up sorta early (around 7:30am) college ftw. Usually I go to bend in the 12-1am area because I just get bored.
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any time between 12 and 1 am and i wake up at 630 every morning
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I get to bed around 10-11pm on weeknights. Alot of times I have to wake up earlier on weekends too (for work), and I go to sleep earlier on Friday and Saturday night.
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honestly guys, saying you go to bed at 2am on a school night doesnt make you sound very badass. just throwing that out there.

I'm not saying it to sound badass. The medication I'm on is known to cause disturbed sleep, and insomnia.
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Yeah, just curious what UG will say

I go to bed around 1:00 on school nights.

How are your grades? When do you wake up?
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10:30, 11:00
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How are your grades? When do you wake up?

Actually, on my last report card I got all As and B+
The one before was pretty much the same also. Damn science.

I wake up at 8:00
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How are your grades? When do you wake up?

That's actually a good idea. See if there is any relationship between hours of sleep, and average grade in school. Anyone want to start that?
Depends last semester my earliest class was at 11am so I'd stay up till like 4 some nights. But 930 classes mean it's closer to 12 now...
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