Hey every 1...im jsut starting to paintball and i wanna get a good gun...some of my friends say tippman is good the 98...but like 5 of em have it already...is ion any good and what is the best?
Angels are pretty good
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that one Spyder thing... I've only played paintball like twice but I've heard they're a'ight
If your just getting into paintball Tippman 98s are nice little markers, it's what I play with
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Get a Bob Long Intimidator for the pwnage. Seriously, I have a Spyder Flash from my days of paintball, and it has held up great.
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It depends, if you are going to be playing speedball, don't get an ion. They are not reliable. Save up and get a PMR (Proto Rail). They are the best money can buy.

If you are gonna be playing woodsball, get eith a 98 Custom, or an A5.

The good thing about Tippmanns is that you can use CO2, and you don't have to buy a $100+ HPA tank.

I would go for the A5.
a Spyder MR-1 is good for woodsball, pretty accurate, good stability with the stock, and they look like an assult rifle!
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tippman all the way
balls chop alot in the spyder
(hehe chopped balls)
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thx every 1...what kind of barrels for long /med range and accuracy to fit on the tippman 98?....mainly for woodsball?and what other upgrades are good?
best barrell for the tippmann is the flatline barrel.

if your talking about high end markers, as the guy above said, Angels are really nice.
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I really like the 98s and the A5s go for one of those
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Also TS, I agree with TheHobbes about visiting http://www.pbnation.com/. The folks there could probably help you alot more in terms of getting started, also I think folks who play Paint ball regularly prefer the term "Marker" instead of gun
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Wait a second..how did KoRn get you into metal? That's like Nancy Reagan getting you into heroin addiction and prostitution!
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Go to PBNATION its a great site . (if you want to look me up im redundant582) And a good gun is a PMR (proto matrix rail) its better than the ion
Tippman A-5
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