what are you looking for other than bathory's debut?
10/7/07- Van Halen
3/16/08- Iron Maiden
1/9/09- AC/DC
7/8/09- Judas Priest
11/10/09- Metallica
7/3/10- Iron Maiden
7/24/10- Rush
4/15/11- Rush-

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i buy everything off amazon. there prices are usually under 10 for a year old or so cd. Some of them are pricey tho
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Also, check out Autopsy, the vocalist sounds like hes about to eat your grandmother while f
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what are you looking for other than bathory's debut?

I'm looking for the first 3 Bathory albums, Evil Dead's Annihilation of Civilization, Dark Angel's Darkness Descends, and Kreator's Endless Pain.
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That site is pretty good except a couple of things like...

they have Arsis on the black metal genre
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At least they have arsis...
I usually don't shop online for cds, I go to stores, which suck b/c there's never any good cds around here, I went to 2 stores today & looked at every cd, finding 4 or 5 that I wanted and about 10 or 11 total, most of which I already owned.
So amazon is good huh?
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I only use Willowtip, Brutal Bands and The End...but the first 2 don't have a HUGE selection. CD's are generally $10 each though and delivery in about 3 days.