It started with DOA on VHII. they then explored it more on Women and Children First with "...And the Cradle Will Rock", "Tora! Tora", and "Loss of Control". And finally, dedicated a whole album to it with Fair Warning. So who else loves that darker stuff? After that they went the opposite direction, with the exception being Twister's "Humans Being". I feel it has some of Eddie's best playing, and where his tone really came on (especially on Fair Warning). Plus his playing and solo's (imo) were some of his best, not to mention sharpest and aggressive. am I alone in digging this? Fair Warning almost never gets mentioned among VH fans (or the band for that matter...) and none of those songs are their most rembered save for Unchained and ot some degree "Cradle"
girls gone bad is a sick song, and house of pain is sick
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the 1st album IMO was definately their best. theres only a few other songs I like on all their other albums. Im the One is prolli my favorite VH song.
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Also, check out Autopsy, the vocalist sounds like hes about to eat your grandmother while f
dark VH, no such thing
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The fact that you like VH III negates your entire argument.
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The fact that you like VH III negates your entire argument.

Dam straight. I dont consider that an album thats torture. Either that or that bluegrass van halen thing roth did
yea i didnt see anything about VHIII in his post. i havent listened to fair warning yet. I should, i liked the second album much better than the first, much better solos.
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House of pain... sounds too much like G'N'R with the mixolydian scale.

I do like top jimmy from that same album, though.