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i have 2 electrics, 1 acoustic, and 1 classical. oh, and i play tenor saxophone. so that's 6
5 electric guitars (With a sixth on the way for my fretless project), three acoustics (One about to make the transition to fretless), two keyboards (One cheapo, and one pretty decent one:casio, yamaha) a cheap ukulele, and a diotonic harmonica in the key of G. I think that's it. Oh and a tone drum, but it's not really mine. I'm supposed to be tuning it but I haven't gotten around to it yet...oh yeah, and a violin...maybe I'll remember more later...oh, and a little tabla made of a gourd.
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2 electric, 1 acoustic, 1 bass and one keyboard so thats 4
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Danelectro grilled cheese & t-bone

Peavey 112
Ibanez gsr200

Saving for Bugera 333 $300 / $599 :|

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I have 2 electrics and 2 acoustics. However 2 of those 4 are questionable if you can call them instruments! Oh, I also have a plastic Gibson Les Paul for my Guitar hero game, so that would be 5
Current Rig:
Splawn Quickrod
Marshall 1960BX
Les Paul with Dirty Fingers
Isp Decimator
Cry Baby Wah
MXR MX108 10 Band EQ.
BBE Green Screamer
7 guitars, 2 amps, and lots of effects/pedal boards.......
3 electircs, 1 recorder, and ****ty ass sony keyboard
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Usually at least 2. Right now, not any.
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I have one MIM strat and a squire which is currently in pieces waiting to become a guitar hero controller
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2 electrics, and an acoustic are mine. My dad has 3 acoustics and an electric, so 7 in total
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3 electrics, 2 acoustics, 1 bass, 1 piano, and a drum set
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2 eletric guitars
2 acoustics (1 six string, 1 twelve)
1 Bb Trumpet
1 Bb Cornet
1 Eb Alto Sax
1 Keyboard (37 keys)
8 Harmonicas (2c, 1 Bb, 1 E, 1 F, 1 G, 1 A, 1, d)
1 Mandolin
1 F Horn/ Mellophone (school owned, use it in marching band)
so... 18
'89 MIJ Fender Strat
Rivera S-120
'60s PEPCO Model 211 5w head
'60s Paul (Pepco) 1x12 tube amp
'60s Harmony H303a 1x10 tube amp
Just me...4 electrics, an acoustic, a keyboard, and a tpae recorder. Together in my house...close to/over 20 gutiars/basses, keyboard, synth, etc.

Assuming amps/effects aren't instruments...
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4 7 strings, 2 6 strings, 1 acoustic
Major of 7 String Legion 7 > 6

Carvin DC747
Ibanez RG2228
Schecter Avenger Custom Shop
and my baby....
Gibson Explorer Studio
2 basses, a banjo, a POS short scale guitar with 3 strings, another guitar that i dont play either 2 recorders. piano. 2 keyboards, 3 trumpets, cornet, flugelhorn. several PVC shakuhachis made by my father. a flute. and if you count it, my brother's alto sax; so...

about 15-20.

i have a very musical family
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I own two electric guitars (about to be three), two acoustics (also about to be three), one drum kit, a drum kit that my drummer leaves over here because he doesn't want to haul it back and forth to his place, and two violins. Oh, and a couple of keyboards.
5 guitars, one of which is unassembled. I may have my old acoustic somewhere, making that 6. I also have a sax, a Roland synth, and a Casio keyboard, bring it to 9. In other words; far too many.
in my possession?
4 electrics
4 acoustics
1 bass
1 drumset
1 piano
1 keyboard

i think that's it...
Gibson SG Standard + 18volt EMG-81 & 85
Mesa/Boogie Mark IV + Recto 2x12
Keeley Modded BD-2
Vox V847a
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4 7 strings, 2 6 strings, 1 acoustic

thats mah man haha, whats wrong with 6 string guitars with 7 string guages haha??

I only have 2 Electrics 1 Accoustic
I have 2 basses (gonna be 3 when I get some money) and an acoustic, I also want a decent synth when I get some money, and a 12-string acoustic, and a fretless bass which I may sell my thunderbird for
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Interesting. It turns out that there are people on the forum who play an upright bass. I'll make a note of that.

*makes note*

*puts note on wall*

*stares at note for a minute*

*sits back down and resumes doing what I was doing*
Lesse i own 4 electrics 2 acoustics 1 classical and 1 bass so that would add up to 8

All guitars and bass are the following
Jackson RR24
Jackson WR1
Jackson Kevin Bond Signiture
ESP Alexi Laiho 600 Signiture
Martin DX1
Martin D-28
Ibanez AEG10NE
ESP Tom Araya Signiture bass
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Alvarez 6
Alvarez 12
Fender Dobro
Yamaha Key board
cort bass
2 electric guitars, a crappy acoustic, a wooden Bb clarinet, and my new didgeridoo
My Gear:
Gibson ES-335 (Dot)
Spider III 75W
Digitech Whammy Pedal
Crybaby Wah
Epi Valve Junior Half stack
Line 6 Floor Pod (FOR SALE!!!)
2 Electrics, and one acoustic. I have a ****ty keyboard somewhere too. I really need to buy a tenor sax though...
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4 Electric (2 that I actually play), 1 half sized acoustic, 1 half sized electric, 1 electric organ, 2 drum sets, 1 mini keyboard, 1 electric bass, a bunch of random percussion instruments.
Main Gear:
Gibson LPJ
Squire CLASSIC VIBE Stratocaster 60's
PRS SE Custom 24
Epiphone Sheraton II

Bugera 1990, 6260
Egnater Tweaker
2 guitars, a custom strat, a blue acoustic, drum sticks, and a tambourine.
Fender Blues Jr (GH1230 Celestion Speaker)
Barber DD
Wilson WH-10 Clone
Ibanez WH10 V2

Pitchblack Tuner
Boss DD-3
Guitars: 06' Custom Fender Strat Lindy Fralin Blues Specials, Callaham Tremolo
09' Olympic White Stratocaster
2 acoustics, 3 basses, 11 electrics.

Yea, my seccond job is to buy, set up, and sell guitars. Out of my bedroom. Good times.
Cory, you own too many 7 strings, I think you need to give me one.

I have 2 electrics and an acoustic right now. Savin up for either a 24 fret Ibanez S Prestige or a Carvin DC400W.
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7 guitars
1 Trumpet
1 Bugle
1 Saz
1 electric piano
1 Didgeridoo
1 (large) drumset
1 pair of bongos
1 Doumbek
1 other Turkish drum
1 Irish penny whistle
2 baduan flutes
1 glockenspiel
1 Recorder
and a partridge in a f-ing pear tree

...Im sorry, it just reminded me of that.
3 electrics, 2 acoustics, 4 harmonicas (various keys), 1 recorder, 2 ocarinas, 1 mandolin, 1 keyboard, 1 crappy organ and an accordion.
2 electric
1 acoustic
4 harmonicas
digital piano
Ibanez AF75
Takamine EG550
Digitech gnx3
Peavey Classic 50
1 Electric Guitar (Strat FTW), 1 Acoustic

The (Rather Basic) Rig:
- 1982 Marshall JCM 800 2204 (Feels good, man)
- 1960 Marshall AV Cab (Vintage 30s, Feels good, man)
- A shitty MIM strat
- Fulltone OCD (Jizztastic)
- Dunlop Classic Crybaby
3 guitars i like (nylon acoustic, steel acoustic, electric)
3 guitars i dont like we just have
2 trombones (one i like one that came with the case i got for the one i like)
1 Alto saxaphone
1 upright piano
1 great keyboard
1 crappy joke keyboard
1 bango that needs repairs
7 harmonicas

yup think thats bout it aside from a million recorders, jaw harps, and kazoos
If its not fender than whatever]
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