So for english, we have speeches, and i chose the manufacturing of your basic guitar, can someone please tell me how this is?

The Construction Of A Guitar

Honorable judges, teachers, classmates and students, have you ever wondered how those electric sounds of music or rhythmic guitar solos become what they are, if so, have you ever wondered, how its all made, well today I’m going to present to you how and what the famous electric, 6 to 12 string guitars are made.

So how does it all begin? Well you see, the greatest guitars of all time such as Eddie Van Halens’ Frankenstrat, which he built from scratch, or Jimmy Pages’ Double necked Gibson, and many many more, all have a beginning to its playable legendary tone, and it all starts with phase one, wood. It all starts out with a big log of wood (obviously). Once you’ve accomplished your goal of finding a log of wood, you must now examine and measure to make sure you can build a guitar out of this, there is no special measurements for a guitar, but you must be sure the body is thick enough to have many holes and spaces, with enough strength to hold a big amount of tension and pressure pulling from top to bottom.

So now that you’ve made sure of this, the builder must now plan out his shape and neck plans. You see, the neck can either a one piece thing, as in the neck is made with the guitar. It can also be added separately, which means you can either go out and buy a pre-made neck, with pegs, frets, inlays, company label, bolts and more, which is all in one piece, and all you must do is bolt it onto the back of your guitar and if is a perfect fit, it should be perfect to play. Once the neck fixtures are picked out, the builder will now begin to cut out the planned width and shape of the guitar. As the builder is doing this, he would probably be thinking about what color or design he’s going to use to add on to his guitar.

By now, the builder is done shaping out his guitar body and optionally, the neck, and is ready to move onto step 3, (step 2 was everything I just mentioned). So now the builder will, in my opinion, will begin adding spaces, holes and punctures into his guitar for pickups, knobs, cables, wires, bridges, switches, pickguards, plates, inputs, necks (optional), and every other spec or piece that has to be added inside or out of your guitar. So now, the builder now makes spaces in the front of his guitar for pickups, which usually is one to three pickups.

Pickups are found on every electric guitar, bass, and every now and then, acoustic guitars. On electric guitars and basses, they are always found under the neck, above the bridge, and underneath the strings. They usually have dots, some times seen as lines, and on many Gibson, Epiphone and Les Pauls and whatever company that ripped off their design, which are many, have pickups that usually either silver or gold pickup covers with matching pickup colors. Now if you’re wondering right now, “What are pickups used for anyways?”, or even “What is a pickup?” well here’s your answer, you see, a pickup is a magnet, and usually, you’re going to find 6 on single coil pickup, and 12 on a humbucker (found on most Gibsons, Les Pauls, Epiphones and hundreds of other guitars.) These magnets, capture the vibration inside of a guitar string. And transfers the captured vibration and sound through magnetism, which is delivered into the pickup cables, who would stretch throughout the guitar and are usually attached to the pickup selector, who decides which pickup will be the one to capture the sound (every individual pickup has their own individual sound) which transfers into the wires connected to the volume and tone knobs. The volume knob controls ow much fo the sound will be transferred into the speaker system, and the tone knob determines the depth or thickness of the note. Once that has been done, the note is transferred through the knobs, who hold the cable head (that is connected into the guitar) in place to have the notes transferred into its magnetic metallic-plated head, who transfers the sound into the cables, and is then delivered into an amplification system. Although, that can also be modified, many artist, musicians, guitarist, or basic payers would use a pedal board system, or even maybe just individual pedals, you see, pedals give a millions different ways of customizing your sound, for example, some people would use a delay or digital delay pedal, which allow the player to repeat a note that was played only once, listen to the introduction parts by Slash in Welcome To The Jungle by Guns N’ Roses for an example, it may sound like he plays a note many times in a row, but he’s actually using a delay pedal mixed with more pedals, such as distortion and compressor/ sustainer.

So now you know what pickups are and what they are used for, let’s finally get back to the subject, on how guitars are built. Now that the builder has added his spaces for pickups, cables, knobs, switches, pickguards, and what-so-ever, it’s time to add one of the most important pieces to the guitar body, this part is known as the bridge.

The bridge is the part of the guitar which is usually located nearest to the bottom of the guitar body, it is the part of the guitar that holds your strings, keeps them locked, perhaps has a space for whammy bar, and does way more. Anyways this part has many shapes and sizes to choose from. For example; the three most commonly seen bridges are the Floyd Rose bridges, the Gibson/ Les Paul/ Epiphone bridges, or even the “body” bridges. Floyd Rose bridges consist of 6 (to the number of strings you can fit on your guitar) springs that can tighten or loosen your string tension and include a placement for a whammy bar. The second bridge is a “body” bridge, which is featured on many Dean guitars and Ibanez, which is mostly just holes that travel through te guitar body from back to front and the strings reach the head. And the third bridge is the common used Gibson bridge, which features screwed in bridge that is placed above the bridge and has holes and inputs for string heads, which hods them from there, and go straight to the head.

Once done, the builder must now attach everything to the guitar, and should look nearly complete, he must now drill holes for pegs and such by now, it’s finally time to paint, the builder paints the color and/or picture to the guitar and is a step or two away from done.
Then glosses the guitar with a special product, allows it to dry, and you’re done, so I hope you enjoyed my speech. Thank you.

So that's is, what do ou think, did i screw up somewhere
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Well, I think you talked a bit too much about pickups. That's the biggest paragraph, and the essay is about how a guitar is built, not pickups.

Just saying.
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Sorry, didn't read it all, just skimmed.

I don't know about the formality of the speech, but the first sentence sounds like the opening of a debate. Is this how you usually do it?

The sentence structure is pretty neat and organized, good.

You might want to get a summary of the whole process in the beginning so that people have a general sense of where the speech is going and are ready to digest the facts.

Yeah and that pickup paragraph is a bit lengthy. You have to consider you're audience. You may be a lot more interested in the pickups than them. Look at the detail in the rest of the paragraphs and match it to the pickups one.
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