Is a spider valve head good? I have a spider III Solid State and it blows, but I'm wondering if these are worth getting for a cheap stack:



Would these go well? If not can you recommend something good in the same price range, I'm going for a good Metallica sound.
I mean, its just a preferance, are you willing to sarifice tone for versitility?
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I'm going to try out the spider valve, I've heard they're really good compared to the bullsh!t other spider ss's, I'm just asking, because I'm not exactly sure how stacks work, but would these two work together?
well i mean if ur going from a line 6 solid state then this sounds a WHOLE lot better. It definatly doesnt sound as horrible as the spider 3s. But like what sirlimecat said its really about your ear. But as a line 6 owner i would definatly get the tube one.
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wrong forum. delete this and dont repost it anywhere. search "spider valve" in the search bar and you will get all the answers you need
I have, and it's just bickering over it, I'm just looking for how good it is, and another tub ehead under 1grand for a great Metallica tone...
I've played through a Spider Valve 112 quite extensively and I think it sounds terrific. I'm not a big fan of Line 6 amps, but this thing really sounded great. It sounded like an expensive tube amp and has lots of really cool presets.
you're still in the wrong forum. this is gear building and customizing, neither of which your doing. Guitar gear and accessories will get you more answers

EDIT: Why do you have 2 threads? just make 1 in the right place
Effects are pretty bland, and the presets aren't anything great, but the amp itself is fantastic imo. Very versatile, and sounds rich and smooth.

EDIT: For what its worth though, I'm not a fan of the speaker. I don't think it makes quite the bottom end for some settings. A more versatile speaker would of been better for it.
Do a search, there's plenty of talk about spiders.
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