For the record, I just came out of a part of my life that was stupid and full of drugs and alcohol... and my arrogance fueled it. This is the story of me coming out of it and turning to the one true God

Verse 1:

I was the man
I was always right
They stood no chance
They got out of my sight
But something was still wrong

I tore up my life
Lust, booze and drugs
I couldn't escape and I thought I was done

Verse 2:

Further and further
I kept going down
I needed to breathe
but continued to drown

My friends all just made it worse
We'd drink out my sorrows
But I continued to hurt


I run around
I fall down on the ground
I close my eyes and see your face
You're face and your amazing grace

I don't know where I've been
I've been gone for so long
I need your love right now
God save me from my gun


I'm sick of my hypocrisy
I want you God
I want you to want me
I see your light and
I see your face
I'm coming home lord
I'm leaving this disgraceful place

Verse 3:

Then one night
A good friend called me out
"I don't want to be around you, you're wrong."
Those words they sparked my doubt

How could I be so dumb
I struggled through the blood
Now I realize
It's not me, He is the only one