So I have a Metal Muff and a DS-1, and just for the hell of it, I wanted to see if I could boost the Metal Muff with the DS-1.

So should I put the DS-1 in front of the Metal Muff, or after it?
And if anyone could just generally explain pedal order, that'd be great, haha.
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Try both ways and see what you like best, though I think the combo would be too noisy and feedback prone to sound very good.

Generally you have your gain pedals in front of the amp and run your fx such as flanger/phase rever/delay and eq in the fx loop or after the gain pedals if you don't have an fx loop. In my setup I have Wah -> DS-1 -> Greenscreamer -> phase 90 -> EQ -> amp (I don't use my FX loop because I don't really like the sound of it.
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