I have decided to get my first 7 string guitar. I looked and tried a bunch and found that I either want a Schecter Hellraiser C-7 or an Ibanez K7APEX2. I tried out a few 7 strings because stores around here don't carry any, and all I found out is that ESPs don't stay in tune right and Schecters are pretty good.

I have $700 to spend and I never tried an Ibanez in the price range and I don't want a floyd. If anyone has tried this Ibanez and Schecter out please help me decide.

I will be playing into an ENGL (when I get it later next month) and will be playing mostly Meshuggah, Nevermore, Unearth, Necrophagist, etc. But not Korn, and I own an ESP Eclipse.

Please leave responses. Thanks.
I've tried the C-7 before, and it was a pretty great guitar. The EMG 707s give a great metal tone, the neck is wide but still fast and not really uncomfortable, and the guitar as a whole was just very fun to play.
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Ibanez 7 strings are great, but some of the more mid-range ones I've found aren't the most comfortable for me, but that could just be a matter of opinion and personal preference. The Schecter though... can't go wrong man. Fantastic guitar.
i play an ibanez 7 but would still recommend the schecter. i hate the korn sig guitars!
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From what I have heard, the Schecter necks are supposed to be really big, and I would perfer a smaller scale. I am thinking that Schecters have better tone, but right now I am leaning towards the Ibanez.
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Schecter without a doubt. Ibanez make some dog**** 7 strings mate.

que? have you even played the Universe, 1527, S7320 or the K7?
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