I am currently in the market for a mesa. im hoping for something thats not a head, within 50-150W. I looked at the roadster. HOW MUCH FOR IT? I CAN'T FIND IT ANYWHERE!!! please help me! where can i buy one? how much!
The roadster is $1,799 new. As is the Mark IV i do believe.

The triple recto is $1,699, dual is $1,649 i believe
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WAIT! I have the mesa price list on my nightstand right next to me.

Single Rec is $1,279.99
Dual Rec is $1,699.99
Triple Rec is $1,799.99
Roadster is $1,899.99
Mark IV is $1,899.99
Road King Series 2 is $2,599.99

All prices in USD. Hopefully I was able to help.
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