My bands gonna do final recordings once we get like 8 songs, I think were gonna use line 6 toneport for the vocals bass and guitar, but idk how we're gonna record the drum track, we have a cheap computer mic, but it doesn't sound that great:/ are there any recorders or mics that'd be good for that? Preferably a cheap solution.
I got a couple cheap Shure microphones cheap from a second hand music store (30 bucks each). If the line 6 has two inputs, you could mic the bass drum and an overhead above the kit. If not, then you're going to need a mixer. You really should use 3 or more mics for drums, though.
Basic drum recordings will start with 2 overhead mics (for stereo imaging), a mic on the kick (won't be very pronounced in the overheads, and it is common practice to apply a high-pass filter on the overheads anyways), and a mic on the snare (although you can get by without this mic if you know how to EQ and compress properly). If you're seriously strapped for cash, you can get a couple of overhead mics for ~$150 (Samson C01, MXL 993), a SM57 for the snare (~$100), and an AKG D112 for the kick (~$200). If on a budget you can get two SM57s and use them on both the snare and kick, but you will have a very "clicky" sound from the kick drum.
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