First, sort by price. and then by gain levels. Looking for something hi gain, but not over the top metalcore gain. Something that gets like a JCM 900.
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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

laney will likely be cheaper, but orange will sound so much better. the rocker 30 and 50 are good ones to look into
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ya...laney's are almost definetly cheaper. ive never played one...but oranges sound DAMN good.
the rocker series is your best bet for some gain. the ad series is mostly clean i have one...it has a real nice clean sound...but it has alot of headroom even for a 30watt. id say go rocker 30 if you got the money for sure
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Quote by Suicidal_Brick
Get like a...JCM 900.

Too easy of a solution.
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Suicidal Brick is right. If you want one to sound like a JCM900, why not get that? The Orange Rocker 30/50 have a fair amount of gain. Laney VC50/GH50L would be a good choice also.
Quote by Suicidal_Brick
Get like a...JCM 900.


there are no amps that sounds close to them IMO. JCM900s are cheap too!
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