Hello, UG, I have recently gotten a red Eastwood Airline 2P DLX and upon arrival I realized that I did not like some of the color choices on it. I was hoping to change all the knobs to the same kind, but white with red numerals, if possible. I would also like to change the truss rod cover to just plain white and, my least favorite thing, the tuning buttons have a sort of bluish hue, with just looks gross, so I was wanting to change those to white. If you could, point me in the right direction to acquiring these things or any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

put some nice Grover tuners on it.
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Walker Rose.
I looked at their vintage tuners and the "white" looks as if it would be the same whitish/blue color that it is now. You know glow in the dark plastic? That's what it looks like. I've had two people ask me specifically if they glow in the dark.