k i tuned my guitar to drop C today to paly some disturbed but can i leave it that way or should i tune it back up to standard when done?
whichever one you use more i guess
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no what im asking is that if i keep it in drop C should i tune it back up so my neck doesnt bow, its not a preference question lol
I'm sure the tension will be fine, neck warping only becomes an issue when you add things like extreme temperature/humidity or a big drop/increase in tension

... I think
ive heard it can warp the neck if you leave it downtuned or stringless for long periods of time. then again ive heard alot of dumb crap on these boards. i bought a used strat copy that hadnt had strings on it in years and the neck is fine, so go figure. if you want to leave it in c, it should be ok, but if you want to be super careful then tune it back to standard.
all depends, you will stretch out the strings and drastically cut the life of the strings by changing tunings that drastically all the time, but if you leave it there, it shouldn't start bowing for about two-three weeks at most. So it's safe to leave it there for a while if you want to. But I would change it back soon.

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Quote by deathpidgeon
my buddy has 3 esps and leaves them all in C all the time, so dont worry

Well it depends what gauge your using. For example, using .009's in drop C is retarded because the tension on the strings will be so low..they'll just be all floppy.
.010's and up should work well though, I use 10-52 gauge and it's insanely amazing.

If you're really worried, you can always get a truss rod adjustment. The Truss rod already bows the neck to a degree to make it playable. I wouldn't worry about it. I leave 2 of mine in drop C. Shouldn't be an issue.
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